3 Highly Effective Uses for a Ductless HVAC System

Traditional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems use ductwork to distribute warm and cool air throughout your Omaha, NE, home. But how do ductless HVAC systems operate, and what are some scenarios where it makes sense to use them?

Also called mini splits, ductless systems not only keep you comfortable but also offer an excellent, simple solution for heating and cooling areas inside your Springfield, MO, home. Ductless systems pair an indoor air-handling unit with an outdoor compressor/condenser. The two are connected with a conduit to create your desired room temperature.

Add this system to your home and improve your indoor comfort. You can easily find a pro with the help of our Midwest Air Pros. Whether you’re searching in Kansas City, MO, Des Moines, IA, Wichita, KS, or a nearby surrounding area, we can help you find the right professional to address all of your heating and cooling needs.
Not sure if it would be beneficial to add a ductless HVAC system to your home? Consider these popular uses:

Heating and Cooling a Sunroom

Sunrooms are the perfect example of an area in your home that could benefit from ductless HVAC installation. These areas typically have more windows and sliding glass doors, so it’s not abnormal for it to feel hotter or colder in this section when compared to other areas of your home. A ductless system will efficiently produce the warm or cool air you need to be comfortable when sitting in your sunroom so you won’t notice a drastic difference from the rest of your home anymore.

Controlling Hot and Cold Spots

Tired of feeling too hot or cold in certain parts of your home while other rooms are perfectly comfortable? Adding a ductless HVAC system could help provide the extra comfort you need to remain warm on a cold winter evening or cool when the outdoor temperature is high.

Add Heating and Cooling to Additional Space

Whether you just converted a garage or attic, finished a basement, or added another room or additional square footage to your Springfield, MO, home, using a ductless HVAC system as the primary method of heating and cooling the area is an excellent choice. Instead of trying to extend ductwork, you can install a ductless system to any newly added areas of your home. Save money and enjoy a comfortable atmosphere at the same time.

Benefits of Ductless Systems

Adding a ductless system could be exactly what you need for additional comfort inside your home, and they offer several advantages, including:

Optimal energy efficiency:

Ductless systems use less energy to heat and cool your home than a conventional HVAC system. These high-efficiency systems help you get the most out of your heating and cooling equipment. You could end up saving significantly on your utility bills.

Plus, air won’t be wasted due to air leaks since there is no ductwork. ENERGY STAR® reports the average home could lose up to 30 percent of air due to leaky ducts—something you won’t have to struggle with when you have ductless systems installed in your home in place of a conventional forced-air system.

Energy bill savings:

Due to ductless systems being so energy efficient, you will end up saving money on your heating and cooling expenses. Who wouldn’t invest in a ductless system just for this reason alone?

Improved indoor air quality (IAQ):

Since ductless systems operate without the use of any ductwork, they don’t stir up as much dust, dirt, or debris. You will need to regularly clean the air filters, however, for the best results.


You can heat or cool added living space, or create a zone control system that allows for different temperatures throughout your home. A ductless system offers you tremendous flexibility. 

Find a Pro to Handle All of Your Ductless HVAC Needs

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