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If you have a large household where some family members like it a bit warmers and others a bit cooler, consider installing a zone control system.

These systems divide your home into sections, allowing you to adjust different temperatures for each zone. One family member, for example, prefers the temperature at 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Another feels more comfortable when the temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. A zone control system can accommodate everyone.

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What Are Zone Control Systems?

Working with a central air conditioner (AC) and furnace system, your HVAC specialist will place dampers in the ductwork that distributes hot or cold air throughout your home in Springfield or Des Moines. You decide how many zones you want to create—you can turn one room into a zone or an entire floor of your home.

Each zone is equipped with a thermostat connected to a central control panel. When you adjust the thermostats in each zone, the control panel opens or closes dampers to distribute hot or cold air where needed.

Ideally, zone control systems help achieve the ultimate comfort in these situations:

  • Large households where family members prefer different temperature settings
  • Homes with rooms that are hardly used
  • Home with concrete slab foundations, large windows, or high ceilings
  • Finished rooms in the attic or basement
  • Homes with multiple floors or intricate floor plans

Whatever you decide, you can count on Midwest Air Pros to help you find the right HVAC company to work with on your next home project.

Why Zoning Works

Nearly half of your monthly utility goes toward heating or cooling your home. Zoning your home lowers these energy costs without compromising your comfort. A zone control system is a perfect solution when the kids leave for college, or for anyone who has barely-used rooms in their home.

These systems enhance your comfort—and save you money. Not only do they help lower utility bills, but they also lessen the load on your HVAC system. Your furnace or air conditioning equipment no longer has to struggle to heat or cool every room in your home, which in turn extends their service life.

Do I Need a Zone Control System?

The answer, more than, likely, is yes! Most homes and businesses benefit from zone control systems in terms of comfort and savings. If your home has rooms that feel uncomfortable compared to the rest of the home, zoning can fix the problem.

Large homes or commercial buildings with multiple floors also see huge benefits from a zone control system because there is no reason to heat or cool a room or floor to a certain comfort level when those areas are barely used. Maintaining a comfort level only in occupied spaces can result in huge energy savings.

Installing smart thermostats adds to your savings. Programmable thermostats have WiFi features allowing you to remotely monitor and adjust the heating or cooling in the home so that only the necessary energy is being used when no one is at home—or when people are only using certain rooms at certain times of the day.

Closing Vents to Create Zoning

Can you adjust the slats on the air vent covers to create a makeshift zone control system in your home? The answer is no.

Closing or partially opening a vent restricts the amount of air that exits the ductwork—but your air conditioner or furnace still generates the same amount of cold or hot air. A zoning system, on the other hand, not only redistributes airflow by opening and closing dampers but also controls your HVAC equipment, signaling it when to run and when to stop. This eliminates unnecessary energy expenses.

Using air vents as a substitute for zoning can also contribute to air leakage and low airflow, among other problems. The adjustable slats over air vents are designed to direct the airflow and how it circulates in a room, not block it entirely.

Whether you live in Omaha or Kansas City, your best option to create a zoning system is to work with a professional company at Midwest Air Pros. Together, you can determine the best zones in your home and how to achieve ultimate comfort. This investment pays off by reducing your energy bills and creating happy family members!

Zone Control Installation

For most people, this is not a do-it-yourself (DIY) job since it involves working with your home's electricity, your HVAC ductwork, and other components. Find a pro at Midwest Air Pros with experience in installing a zone control system, and together you can determine the right system for your home.

If you live in a large home, or you have a large household, zoning is for you. Once you install a zone control system, the savings can begin. You also help out your HVAC equipment since your furnace and air will not have to frequently cycle on and off to heat or cool your entire home in Springfield or Des Moines. When it comes to plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work, it pays to work with an expert to avoid installation mistakes that could come back to haunt you.

Zone Control Repair and Maintenance

If the temperature in one of your zones is not working, or you hear strange sounds coming from your air ducts, schedule an appointment to see if a repair is necessary. It's true what they say: addressing a minor repair right away typically prevents a larger problem from occurring. Your HVAC system is a big investment—always do your best to maintain it and get the most value out of it.

At Midwest Air Pros, you can find companies that offer 24/7 emergency repair services, along with preventative maintenance plans tailored to fit your budget and needs. These plans offset the cost of labor and parts. They give you peace of mind that a trusted professional is watching over your HVAC equipment.

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