5 Important Reasons to Maintain Your Furnace

From hitting the slopes at Sundown Mountain Resort in Iowa to celebrating the annual Plaza Lighting Ceremony in Missouri, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the winter months across the Midwest.

But indoors, we prefer it toasty. Today’s energy-efficient furnaces pack a powerful punch when it comes to warming up your home or business. Newer furnaces emit fewer greenhouse gases, use less energy, and reduce your carbon footprint. They’re designed to keep you and your loved ones comfortable and safe on the coldest of nights!

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Reasons to Maintain Your Furnace

Natural gas furnaces remain the most popular type of heating system in Des Moines, Kansas City, and other parts of the Midwest. These furnaces are sturdy, reliable, and do an amazing job of delivering warmth throughout your home. You can expect a well-maintained furnace to run at peak efficiency for 10 to 15 years.

Whether it’s your furnace, your heat pump, or your ductwork, maintenance plays a vital role in the performance of all your HVAC equipment. A new furnace is a significant purchase that will pay for itself over time through lower energy bills and increased comfort—but only if it is properly maintained.

Here are five reasons to stay on top of your furnace maintenance:

1. Avoids a Gas Leak

Chances are, your furnace runs on fossil fuels, which means there are safety issues that must be addressed. Cracks in the heat exchanger, for example, can lead to potentially deadly carbon monoxide (CO) leaks if left unattended. Schedule a tune-up in late summer or early fall to have a technician check for gas leaks, a faulty pilot light, cycling issues, and other problems.

2. Improves Airflow

Regularly changing your furnace filters, along with cleaning and sealing the ductwork in your Springfield home, add up to improved airflow.

Filters are your first line of defense when it comes to capturing dust, pollen, pet dander, and other debris circulating throughout your living spaces. Follow manufacturer guidelines for replacing your filter. Most filters should be replaced every 90 days or so—more often if you have pets or a smoker in your home.

Find a pro at Midwest Air Pros to inspect the ductwork in your Omaha home. Those air ducts are commonly considered the lungs of your home. Leaks and tears in the ductwork can lead to a lot of money slipping out the door. It pays to have them regularly inspected, cleaned, and sealed.

3. Helps Your Furnace Last Longer

When it comes to maintaining a vehicle, you know to regularly change the oil, rotate the tires, and inspect the brakes. Apply that same strategy to maintaining your furnace, along with your air conditioner (AC) and other HVAC equipment.

Not only will this extend the service life of your equipment, but it also helps ensure a comfortable environment with improved indoor air quality (IAQ). And while most vehicles tend to depreciate over time, your HVAC equipment will add value to your Wichita home.

4. Lowers Your Energy Bills

An HVAC tune-up might seem like an unnecessary expense—especially when all the parts appear to be working. But the payoff comes with a more efficient system that requires less energy to get the job done.

A loud furnace that cycles too frequently and struggles with warming every room is not a sound investment. A scheduled tune-up not only wards off untimely repairs but also keeps your furnace running at peak efficiency.

Your heating and cooling system accounts for almost half your monthly utility bill. Save money, and avoid repairs by maintaining your Kansas City furnace.

5. Maintains Your Warranty!

Some manufacturers require you to follow a scheduled maintenance plan for your heating and cooling system as part of your warranty coverage. Nobody wants to lose warranty coverage from a lack of maintenance. On top of losing coverage, you increase the possibility of an inconvenient and costly repair.

Purchase a Maintenance Plan

At Midwest Air Pros, you’ll find a variety of companies that offer tailored maintenance plans to meet your budget and needs. These plans offset the cost of scheduled service calls, repairs, and parts. They give you peace of mind knowing you have a trusted partner watching over your HVAC system.

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