How to Keep Your AC Running Like New

August is here in the Midwest––is your air conditioner (AC) still running at peak performance? 

You, the homeowner, can do a few simple things to get the maximum mileage out of your cooling system. For example, changing your air filter regularly can reduce your utility bill by up to 15 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

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How to Get the Most from Your AC

Want to keep your cooling equipment working at its best? Implement these four strategies for success:

1. Change your filter.

During the ventilation process, dust and debris latch onto your HVAC filter, ensuring healthy indoor air quality (IAQ). Doing so also allows the mechanical parts—such as the coils, motor, and blower—to stay clean and operate at maximum efficiency. 

You should change your filter every one to three months. Otherwise, a clogged filter will restrict the airflow running through your Wichita home’s air ducts.

As a result, your AC overworks itself and uses more electricity. This can also lead to damage in the long term, forcing you to shell out for a repair or premature AC replacement. 

2. Clean your compressor.

An outdoor compressor is a box-shaped unit with a fan that expels hot air. If anything obstructs the compressor, it cannot do its job correctly. 

Remove any twigs, leaves, or dirt on the unit. Additionally, keep a clear area around it––trim away any foliage that grows near it. It’s also a good idea to gently spray off the condenser coils with a hose from time to time. 

3. Schedule an energy audit.

No two homes are the same. Energy audits give you an individualized plan of action for maximizing efficiency. Midwest Air Pros quickly links you to HVAC specialists in your area who can conduct an audit.

During the visit, your technician will inspect your Springfield home for the following: 

  • Duct leaks
  • Hot or cold spots 
  • Cracks in windowpanes, doors, and more 

From there, your specialist can make recommendations tailored to your Kansas City home that will help you save money. They can pinpoint areas that require more insulation, or patch leaks in your ductwork.

4. Take advantage of seasonal tune-ups.

Seasonal maintenance is mandatory if you want to keep your AC operating as it should. Your HVAC expert will perform vital cleaning and upkeep that preserves the condition of your AC. Additionally, your expert will be able to find and fix minor problems before they turn into pricy repairs.

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember to schedule your tune-up. That’s why we recommend joining a maintenance plan––you’ll receive maintenance reminders, priority service, discounts, and more. Ask your pro about what plans they offer. 

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