NATE Certification

There are plenty of HVAC tech programs, but NATE Certification is perhaps the most well-established. The acronym stands for “North American Technician Excellence.” NATE-certified professionals take core and specialty exams, meeting the highest industry standards. 

NATE-certified professionals have exceptional skills and knowledge they’ve worked hard to sharpen. The tests are fairly demanding, and not everyone passes on the first try. Additionally, this certification is not required to operate on HVAC equipment, so some technicians opt out. 

A test on refrigerant disposal and safety is the only federally-mandated certification for HVAC specialists, under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act. NATE certification takes considerably longer and showcases a more holistic skill set.  

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Here are some of the ways NATE-certified specialists offer improved HVAC service: 

Home Safety

One of the basic indicators of a competent HVAC professional: safety comes first. The CORE examination tests a technician’s knowledge of safety regulations and best practices. You can be confident that a NATE-certified professional will take the right precautions when installing or repairing your heating and cooling equipment.  

Outstanding Troubleshooting Abilities

If your furnace breaks over the winter, you don’t want a technician who shows up and scratches his head before referring you to another professional. Specialists who pass the  CORE and SPECIALITY exams have proven their ability to diagnose and repair HVAC issues with confidence. 

Specialized Skill Sets for Complex Projects

Your general care physician may refer you to a specialist for your specified medical needs. Similarly, HVAC professionals who take the SPECIALTY exam have the credentials to take care of specific heating and cooling needs. Installation techs specialize in installing or replacing air control equipment. Service techs specialize in maintenance, keeping your equipment operational and up to code. Both installation and service professionals are certified in one or more areas: AC, air distribution, heat pumps, gas heating, oil heating, hydronic systems, and refrigeration. 

Leadership and Planning

Looking for a heating and cooling mastermind for your home project? The Senior Level Efficiency Analyst certification is the most advanced title NATE offers. These senior analysts have advanced knowledge in nearly everything related to indoor-air-quality. They have to show a deep understanding of code requirements, design considerations, energy efficiency, and more. People who get this certificate typically work as managers, overseeing construction projects.

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