The Advantage to Boiler Heat

Stay warm and breathe easier with hot water heat in your midwestern home.

Install a boiler and you’ll turn your living environment into a fresh, clean, radiant heat paradise.  

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Boilers vs. Furnaces

Boilers are an efficient alternative to forced-air furnaces. Both boilers and furnaces can be powered by natural gas, oil, or electricity, but the similarities end there. 

Forced-air furnaces heat and blow air through ductwork to warm indoor spaces. The air travels through heat vents and returns to the furnace via cold air vents. Boilers pump hot water through pipes that distribute the heat to radiators or into tubing beneath your Wichita, KS, home’s flooring. 

Hot water heating systems typically incorporate baseboard radiators or slim, upright units. 

The clunky, metal radiators typically found in vintage homes and apartment buildings generally work with steam heat. Although steam boilers are still in use today, water boilers tend to be more popular because they are more efficient. Both boiler systems use water as a heat source, but one creates steam which travels through pipes to radiators, and the other uses hot water. 

Not sure what kind of boiler is best for your comfort needs? Midwest Air Pros can help you get the guidance you need to make the right choice. Our network of HVAC experts in Omaha, NE, Springfield, MO, and throughout the Midwest are ready to work for you. 

Boiler Advantages

Boiler-produced heat warms individuals and objects in a room, rather than the air. They, in turn, radiate that warmth to the rest of the room. The process tends to heat indoor spaces more evenly, and rooms stay warmer longer than they do with forced air. 

Boilers are quieter and cleaner than forced-air furnaces that blow dust and allergens throughout your house. Dirty furnace ductwork also can exacerbate indoor air quality (IAQ) problems and create a health hazard for anyone with allergies and respiratory problems. 

In addition to an annual furnace tune-up, air-forced systems require ductwork cleaning every few years and new filters throughout the heating season. That is an added heating expense you can ignore if you install a boiler in your Des Moines, IA, home. 

However, you should not skip the recommended maintenance tune-ups. Boilers should be inspected and cleaned every year before the heating season begins. A Midwest Air Pros professional can give your HVAC system the TLC it needs to perform at peak efficiency.  

Boilers have come a long way since grandma’s era. According to the U.S Department of Energy (DOE), high-efficiency models are rated between 90 and 98.5 percent AFUE, compared to older units that score 56 to 70 percent.

AFUE, an acronym for annual fuel utilization efficiency, describes how efficiently a boiler or a furnace coverts fuel into heat. A 98.5 percent rating means nearly all the energy in the fuel used to power the boiler becomes heat. 

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