What Are the Differences Between Oil, Gas, and Electric Boilers?

Are you looking to upgrade the boiler in your Des Moines home? Or are you planning on adding a boiler to a new construction home you just purchased? With oil, gas, and electric boilers, you certainly have plenty of options!

Turning to a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professional could help you figure out which boiler is best for your needs and the needs of your Kansas City home.

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Types of Boilers

There are three types of boilers, and each have their own advantages:

  • Gas Boilers
    Natural gas is an excellent source of fuel, which is why gas boilers are considered the most efficient of all boilers. If energy efficiency and cost savings is your goal, consider installing or replacing your current boiler with a gas boiler. Gas boilers have a higher upfront cost, but the savings on energy usage and operating expenses make it worth the investment.

    Gas boilers are also a convenient and environmentally friendly option. Certain models with lower carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitric oxide (NOx) emissions release fewer greenhouse gases, so this could be a great option if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Electric Boilers
    Electric boilers are another energy efficient option—even more so than gas boilers. An electric boiler has an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating between 95 and 100 percent.

    With an electric boiler, less heat is lost when generating water. Almost no energy gets lost when converting electricity to heat. You’ll enjoy saving on energy and costs.

How Do I Know Which Boiler Is Right for Me?

Looking at all the benefits of the different types of boilers available can be overwhelming—but with a boiler expert, it doesn’t have to be!

Find a pro with Midwest Air Pros today so you can receive a recommendation on the right boiler for your home. An expert will be able to discuss your particular needs and the needs of your Omaha home and recommend the best type of boiler for you.

What Should I Do If There’s a Problem With My Boiler?

If there’s an issue with your boiler, you will need it to be inspected. A repair may be possible, but other times, it’s best to opt for a complete replacement, especially if your boiler is at the end of its service life, which is about 15 years with maintenance.

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