Why Buy a Programmable Thermostat?

A roaring furnace in your Midwestern home keeps your furniture cozy and comfortable. The only thing missing is you—and that’s because you are away at work. Your furnace is running, but nobody is there to soak up the warmth.

You hate the idea of shelling out money to warm up an empty home. Yet, the thought of walking into an unheated home makes you shiver. Relax, we have the solution!

Your answer is to install a programmable thermostat. Not only will this allow you to adjust your temperature when you are home or away, but you can also lower your energy bills without compromising your comfort.

Find a pro at Midwest Air Pros to find out more ways you can save money and reduce energy use. Our companies offer plumbing, electrical, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) services in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and other parts of the Midwest.

Buying a Programmable Thermostat in Kansas City, Omaha, Midwest

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), dialing back your thermostat 7 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit for eight hours a day from its usual setting will lower your annual energy costs by as much as 10 percent

But that leads to a cold home, something you would prefer to avoid in the winter.

A programmable thermostat solves this dilemma, allowing you to adjust the times for turning on your furnace or air conditioner to a preprogrammed schedule.

Lower your thermostat in the winter during the times you sleep or are away at work. Next, raise the thermostat settings in the summer when it is convenient. The furniture might prefer it warm all day long, but your pocketbook will be smiling all day long!

Your programmable thermostat can store multiple daily settings that you can manually override if you so desire. Life has enough challenges—keeping your thermostat on autopilot is one less thing to worry about during the day.

Finding the Right Temperature in Des Moines, Springfield, Midwest

Do you have hot and cold spots in your Wichita home? A programmable thermostat eliminates those spots by maintaining a consistent temperature in every room.

By using a programmable thermostat, there is no need to crank up the air conditioner during those hot summer days. Nor do you need to blast the furnace every time an arctic chill hits the Midwest. Allowing your HVAC system to run at a constant level avoids hot and cold spots.

Especially during these autumn days, when temperatures fluctuate by the hour, having a programmable thermostat in your home is a money saver that adds more comfort.

Programmable Thermostats and HVAC Equipment

We always want to get the most value out of our furnace and air conditioner—using a programmable thermostat helps achieve that goal.

Setting a constant temperature reduces the stress on your equipment, allowing it to run at a steady, peak efficiency. Especially with older equipment, adding a programmable thermostat can help extend its service life and minimize the chances of a costly repair.

Create a Zone Control System in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska or Iowa

A zone control system allows you to create different temperature zones throughout your home. It’s perfectly suited for scenarios where you have several family members who prefer different temperature settings—or if your home has some barely used rooms.

The best way to maximize these multiple climate zones is by installing programmable temperatures in each area. Doing so fine-tunes the temperature around your home—and helps save money for the times you are away or sleeping.

Buy Your Programmable Thermostat Today!

A programmable thermostat is a relatively small investment that can pay off in many ways. At Midwest Air Pros, you can find a pro closest to your home in Springfield, MO, Des Moines, IA, Kansas City, MO, Wichita, KS, Omaha, NE, and other parts of the Midwest to improve your home comfort while lowering your utility bills. We are the experts when it comes to making your comfortable!