Furnace Fan Setting On vs. Auto

Did you ever notice your furnace running even after your home warmed up and feels cozy?

The issue could be with your thermostat setting and whether you have it set to On rather than Auto. If that is the case, the fan will continually run even after the thermostat has reached a specified temperature setting.

There are pros and cons with either setting for you to consider.

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What Is the Auto Thermostat Setting?

The Auto setting on your furnace is similar to driving in cruise control. When you leave the furnace set to Auto, the furnace fan will start running every time the burner switches on to warm your entire Springfield home. The fan turns off when your Wichita home reaches the desired temperature.

The main benefit of leaving your thermostat fan setting at Auto is you never have to think about it! The fan will only run when the furnace kicks on, saving you money in terms of energy use and reducing the wear on your HVAC equipment.

What Is the On Thermostat Setting?

Leaving the thermostat to the On setting keeps the furnace fan running nonstop. Air will continue to circulate through your HVAC system even if the blower is unlit.

Here are a couple of benefits to leaving on your furnace fan:

Improves your indoor air quality (IAQ)—Running your fan continuously filters the air in your Des Moines home. If you live with someone who suffers from allergies or has a severe case of asthma, keeping the air circulated rather than allowing it to become stagnant might make it easier for a loved one to breathe. This strategy also makes sense if you live in an industrial area or someone smokes in the house.

Maintains a consistent temperature—If you have “hot” and “cold” spots throughout your Omaha home, continuously running the fan will help to distribute the circulated air evenly. Typically, a draft in the room throws off the temperature.

Another solution to eliminate uneven temperatures is to create a zone control system that allows you to create different temperature zones in your home or business. Talk to our professionals at Midwest Air Pros about the benefits of zoning.

Which Thermostat Setting Works the Best?

Our heating and cooling recommendation from Midwest Air Pros is to leave your furnace set on Auto. Here’s why:

Loss of heat—If the fan keeps running when the heater is off, your home will quickly cool down on a chilly winter night. Ultimately, you will end up running your furnace more than you planned to keep your Kansas City home warm and cozy.

Loss of energy—Not only will the fan dissipate the heat, but the movement will force the circulated air to seep through any gaps or tears in your ductwork. When your fan runs nonstop, you are driving energy out through those gaps, costing you money.

Shorter equipment life—Imagine leaving your car engine idling 24 hours a day. Apply the same scenario to your HVAC system—why put the strain on your furnace?

Indoor air quality—Regularly changing your HVAC filter—at least every 90 days—is a great way to improve the air quality inside your Wichita home. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends choosing a filter with at least a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 13 rating to effectively capture airborne particles circulating through your home . Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines on choosing the right MERV rating for your system.

Maintain Your HVAC System

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